Steve and Ruth Moore, Itinerate Ministers

Steve and Ruth Moore are graduates of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. They have been commissioned by Bethel Church as itinerant ministers and are a part of Bethel Activation Ministries (BAM), Bethel’s community of itinerate ministers and catalytic leaders. Ruth and Steve are on the leadership team of this community.  Steve helps oversee Steve Backlund’s Church Leadership class in Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. 

Steve and Ruth are committed to seeing Heaven’s realities manifested on the Earth. They were both dramatically and supernaturally healed prior to attending Bethel and now have their own powerful love, belief, and healing ministry.

They travel extensively equipping the body of Christ to live naturally supernatural. Steve and Ruth do this through a powerful combination of encouragement, teaching, and releasing encounters. They are passionate about a number of topics, including healing, prophecy, identity, mind renewal, joy, hope, freedom, love, honor, the goodness of God, and empowering women.

Before attending Bethel Steve earned his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Anderson University and Ruth received her first-class honors degree in Psychology from the University of Bath.



A month ago a group of us traveled to the great state of Texas to partner with Freedom Fellowship–a local church. We spent our first night with a group of on-fire university students; because this was their last meeting of the school year, we decided to press into their identities in Jesus and healing. There was so much joy and freedom in the room! Yes Jesus! For our second night we gathered with an intimate group of young adults to share on vulnerability. Two from our team shared their own personal stories to open up a time for the whole group to share. And did they! For two or so hours, one by one, most everyone stood up and shared. For some, these were secrets that were going to be taken to the grave. Shame, guilt, condemnation, self-hatred, and fear were trying to keep them back from experiencing true freedom. Jesus, however, wasn’t going to let that happen! There was freedom for everyone in that room who wanted it, and no one left without knowing they were seen–truly seen, past and all–and were still loved unconditionally! Thank you Jesus!!